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Meuble Sur Mesure

Unsure where to start?
We help you create your made-to-measure bedroom.

How do I order a made-to-measure project?


Measure your bedroom. Every corner is important. We need to know its dimensions including the length, width and height. Take into account the radiators, skirting board, windows, etc.


Send us the contact form with all the information that we have asked you. You can also attach a hand drawing with the plan and dimensions of the room.


A designer will get in touch with you to define the furniture, colors and measures. He will make a free 3D rendering and you will be able to modify what you want.


Once the project has been validated, we start manufacturing the various pieces of furniture that make it up, and then we deliver it to you as you requested.

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Our online assistant will help you throughout the creation of your custom project. You must select the type of furniture you're interested in, indicate the size of the room its intended for, and let us know if you have any special requests we need to take into account for the design. You can add attachments, such as a photo or diagram, etc. We will then proceed to created a 3D drawing of the custom-made piece of furniture designed by you, as well as the corresponding estimate.
You can request as many changes as you want, whether it's to see another model, other combinations of colors, or another arrangement of furniture.
The designer will create a product on our website especially for you, where you can find a summary of all the information concerning your project (colors, images, dimensions, prices, etc.). You can then add it to your cart and place your order as normal.
Don' hesitate to ask us for free samples and choose the 4 that you like the most. We will send them to you quickly by letter. You can then decide on the choice of colors.
You can make your purchase by credit card/debit card, bank transfer, or Paypal. Whatever the means chosen, we respect all the guarantees of secure payment.

Free delivery

Design your complete made-to-measure bedroom now: choose the bed, wardrobe, desk, shelves and other furniture, and we fanufacture it for you! Discover our interactive assistant.


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